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Who is Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic?

Our goal as a practice is simple!!!!

We exceed the needs of our patients through superb patient care, customer service and dedication to our patients and the communities in which they live.

Did you know?

Dr. Sidney P. Smith makes his personal cell phone number accessible to every patient.

We have a team of nurses and medical assistants that work fulltime at our nurses desk to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have. Our providers volunteer and organize numerous free skin cancer screenings at businesses, churches and other various community events.

Our clinic does not believe in limiting the amount of your dermatological concerns that we will address at your visit. If it concerns you then it concerns us. We offer same day service, if your exam reveals that a biopsy is needed, we do the biopsy. We know that your time is important and that additional office visits and co-pays are burdensome.

Our office participates in many community programs for uninsured less fortunate patients. We volunteer our services to these patients. We open our doors to students from high school to consult with physicians so that we can promote dermatology education. In fact, we routinely host medical conferences and educational meetings that are open to all persons interested in dermatological health.

Often times people view a dermatologist office simply as a clinic that treats acne, rashes or skin cancer, but at Georgia Skin and Cancer that is not the case. We strive not only for patient satisfaction with care, but rather to exceed your expectations as your healthcare provider. We believe that dermatology is more than just skin deep, we believe in caring for the patient as a whole. We combine good old fashioned customer service with modern conveniences to provide a healthcare setting that is completely focused on the needs of our patients.

We do this because we care!

Meet Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic Providers and Staff

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